Person of Interest - Shaw MPOV

I suck.

Sorry guys!
I kind of got wrapped up in real life (and Teen Wolf) and kind of let this community fall by the wayside.

The currentish round is Round 17 which is/was a free for all.
I'm going to keep it open until August 15th so if anyone wants to sign up and submit some icons for the themes they can do so.

After the voting and winners for Round 17, I'm going to place this community on a bit of a hiatus. Probably until September or October when the shows come back.
We'll see. My life is kind of chaotic right now and I have to kind of step back from the majority of my communities, plus this one has been kind of... going down in participation.

Any member who is currently signed up for this round, you can still submit. Any maker who has already submitted (I love you) you're welcome to remake your icons if you want to change anything, but you pretty much rock on principle.

- Nikki